Microsoft Server產品讓企業跟上大數據時代節奏的最佳裝備,升級至最新版本能為你的提供
最佳的掌控與安全性。凡於 2017年12月22日或之前購買指定 Microsoft Server產品*滿指定金額,
免費獲贈 Dyson至潮人氣產品。數量有限,立即行動!

Regain Control, Enhance Security sand Outshine your competition in a Data-Driven Makret with
by upgrading to the newest Microsoft Server Products today. From now to 22 December 2017,
customer can get FREE Dyson Premium upon purchasing specific amount with Microsoft Server

·   優惠期由即日起至2017年12月22日
·   優惠只限於企業客戶
·   客戶必須於優惠期內經Microware Limited 訂購指定金額的伺服器產品以獲取有關優惠
·   每位客戶最多獲Dyson產品乙部
·   禮品之機身顏色視乎庫存量而定,Microware Limited有權選擇以其他顏色取代
·   數量有限,送完即止
·   Microware Limited保留最終決定權

Terms & Conditions:
·  The promotion is from now on until 22 December 2017
·  Offer valid for enterprise customer only
·  Customer required to purchase the Microsoft Server Products with specific amount from Microware Limited for the offer
·  Every customer can redeem one Dyson Premium only
·  Available model and color of Dyson premium are subject to stock availability. Microware Limited reserves the right to change
   the model and color without prior notice
·  The offer is available on a first-come-first-reserved basis and while stock lasts
·  All matters and disputes are subject to the final decision by Microware Limited

·   於2017年12月29日或之前將購買相關的Microsoft產品的發票副本、公司名稱、聯絡人姓名及電話號碼電郵至 登記
·   成功核實您的Microsoft購買紀錄後,將以速遞形式發送優惠禮品
·   如登記客戶未符合換領資格,Microware 將保留拒絕送出推廣禮品的權利
·   禮品將於確定換領資格後4星期送貨

·   Send the email with invoice & sales proof, company name, contact number and name to on or before 29 December 2017
·   Delivery will be arranged after verification
·   Microware Limited reserves the right to refuse redemption for any disqualified receipts.
·   Premium will be delivered about 4 weeks after verification

 以上優惠由Microware提供,詳情請與我們聯絡 !

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