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We offer a competitive remuneration package, career advancement opportunities and generous fringe benefits to our sales professionals and technical expertise. We are now cordially invite high caliber individuals to join us!


Publish Date Job Function Title
2021-05-07 Sales & Marketing Account Manager / Sales Executive - Systems Integration Apply Now
2021-05-07 Technical Solution Consultant / Associate Consultant Apply Now
2021-05-03 Sales & Marketing Product Manager / Asst. Product Mgr. / Product Specialist Apply Now
2021-05-03 Technical Senior Helpdesk Specialist / Helpdesk Specialist Apply Now
2021-04-30 Technical Part-time Technician Apply Now
2021-04-28 Business Operations Business Administrator / Product Coordinator Apply Now
2021-04-23 Finance & Accounting Accounts Assistant Apply Now


If you are searching for internship opportunities, please email hr@microware.com.hk