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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is high on the agenda of Microware. We care for and make contribution to the communities in which we operate. We support the protection of the environment and wildlife. We strive for ongoing development and believe education can play a fundamental role and empower our youth for a bright future.

In recent years, Microware actively participated in various community service and charitable activities ranging from community care, environmental protection and education. The beneficiaries include The Community Chest of Hong Kong and Hong Kong Christian Council etc.


Continuous Support to Local University Students


We set up "Microware Scholarship” and “Microware Bursary” for local university students to support education and empower students. We are dedicated to contributing to a brighter future for Hong Kong IT industry.


Mid-Autumn Festival Elderly Care Programme 2023


We participated in the "Mid-Autumn Festival Elderly Care Program" organized by Yang Memorial Methodist Social Service. Our team brought along delightful traditional Chinese mooncakes to joyfully celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival with the elderly.


Dragon Boat Festival Elderly Care Programme 2023


We have taken part in the "Dragon Boat Festival Elderly Care Programme" organized by Yang Memorial Methodist Social Service. Our volunteers visited the elderly and distributed traditional Chinese rice dumplings and thoughtful gifts.


Recognized as Caring Company Awards for 15 Years Plus


Microware was awarded the “15 Years Plus Caring Company” and recognized as a “Caring Company” for the 16th year in a row by The Hong Kong Council of Social Service, in recognition of our longstanding commitment to the community.


The Community Chest - Ninth Top Donor of the Year Award


Microware was awarded the “Ninth Top Donor of the Year Award” by The Community Chest, which recognizes the company’s enduring efforts in caring for the community.

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