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In view of the Microsoft support for Windows 7 and Office 2010 to be end in January 2020 and October 2020 respectively, client is planning to upgrade the operating system and Office application to the latest version in order to use the up-to-date technology and keep abreast of the times. In parallel to the software upgrade, client is also planning to replace or upgrade the hardware of PCs and notebooks.

Borrow this Desktop upgrade project opportunity, customer also expect to strengthen the support service level agreement (SLA), streamline with automation method and apply ITIL framework on the deskside support services to mitigate daily manual works for their IT operation.


- System Center Configuration Manager Implementation for Production Environment
- Remote Office Implementation
- Patch Connect Plus Implementation
- Patch Connect Plus Features Configuration
- SCCM Features Configuration
- Software Update
- Reporting
- Agent Deployment Service

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Implementation
- Project management
- Analysis, Design and Installation of Virtualization Platform
- Analysis, Design and Installation of VDI
- Desktop Image Template Design and Customization
- Documentation and Training

Helpdesk and Hardware Maintenance Services
- Centralized Support Channel
- Ticket Management and portal
- 7 x 24 Phone Support and Email Support for End User
- Software reload of PC / Notebook with latest stand-build desktop image and optional software
- Technical support to PCs and notebooks hardware, operation system and software support
- SCCM and VDI maintenance & support
- Inventory Management
- VDI image life cycle
- Patch management
- Build and maintain Configuration Management Database (CMDB)
- eLearning portal – Office & windows Training Platform


The PCs and notebooks were successfully upgraded to Windows 10 Pro and Office 2016. The data was seamlessly transferred to the new system without interrupting the daily work of the staff. The helpdesk daily support operations were streamlined to improve support service level agreement (SLA)